Custom built software

Custom built software can help give you an edge over the competition. If you have staff doing repetitive work, double entry of information or systems that don't talk to each other then that is where custom software can bridge the gap and free up your valuable staff time to do more productive work.

New Software

We build programs that run on enterprise servers, desktop computers, phones and tablets. Often new software is a way to improve an existing paper system. Most systems are centred around data entry and reporting of that data. Other programs are designed to operate autonomously and integrate with other businesses or services.

Upgrading Software

The world of computers & business changes fast and often programs that were just fine 10 years ago no longer make sense for your business. We can migrate your old software to use new technologies like cloud computing and multiple platforms to let you do business anywhere.

We specialise in upgrading older programs to newer frameworks taking advantage of cloud computing and mobile connectivity.

Web Sites

Web sites are often the 'Shop Window' for many businesses showing potential customers who you are and what you do.

A web site can also be much more. We can custom build web site pages that enable your business to connect with customers and employees in new ways that enhance your level of service and free up your time.

With custom built web sites you can:

  • allow customers to build their own quotes and orders
  • see order information and their history with your organisation
  • allow clients to change their details
  • allow customers to purchase goods and services
  • map customer information for you staff
  • stay open 24/7

With many web based 'shopping carts' it is a cumbersome process to keep the online stock and inventory matching what you have on the shelf. We can integrate your existing POS/Stock control systems into an online presence.

System Integration

Internal software

Get one software package to talk to the other. Save time on data entry and consolidate your information. We can connect your different software packages together using our own custom software.

B2B: Business to Business

We can help to automate processes such as stock ordering, billing and other places where your business has to manually communicate with another.

M2M: Machine to Machine

Often your equipment generates data that people have to manually read and enter into another system. We can help automate the process by reading data from vehicle systems, machinery or sensors and connecting it to you via the Internet, mobile or satellite network. See remote field information in your comfy chair at the office.


Databases the robust, consistent and secure way to manage your information.  A database is the central point of information and ensures that access is secure and that data has integrity.

Design and management

We have significant experience designing databases and the computer systems that they connect to.  Our experience is in both transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) database design.

We convert paper or spreadsheets into database systems and can automate the process of importing other data into your database such as suppliers price lists. This helps you manage your data by:

  • Ensuring data is correct. Numbers are numbers, dates are dates and other data entry mistakes don't happen.
  • Ensuring data is accessible via reporting systems like Excel, PDF documents, dashboards and other OLAP systems.
  • Data is accessible on your website or other systems.


Got data in a system? We help you get it out using detailed or summary reports, dashboards, spreadsheets or by pumping data from one system to another.

Our tools & technologies

We base most of our work on Microsoft technologies due to the low total cost of ownership and long support & security commitment to businesses.

These are the tools we typically use. There's a lot of acronym nonsense here but it can help explain our areas of expertise:

Microsoft .Net Platform

HTML5 and JQuery / Javascript / AJAX

ASP.Net MVC & WebForms

.Net WinForms and WPF Rich Client Applications

SQL Server. Design and administration.

Arduino and WinAVR microcontroller development. Atmel based systems.

Silverlight (legacy work only)

VB6 - .Net conversions

MS Access

MS Excel